Christian Formation


Our next read is The Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan.  We will meet in the Canterbury room on Tuesday, November 27 at noon.  Bring a lunch and bring a friend!

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, by Dan Egan

The Great Lakes―Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior―hold 20 percent of the world’s supply of surface fresh water and provide sustenance, work, and recreation for tens of millions of Americans. But they are under threat as never before, and their problems are spreading across the continent. The Death and Life of the Great Lakes is prize-winning reporter Dan Egan’s compulsively readable portrait of an ecological catastrophe happening right before our eyes, blending the epic story of the lakes with an examination of the perils they face and the ways we can restore and preserve them for generations to come.


POTLUCK – Please signup in Clipboard Alley

Wednesday, November 14 at 5pm

Belle (2014) PG 1h 45 min

This period drama based on fact traces the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle, a biracial girl born in 1761 to a British admiral father and an African mother. Raised by her great-uncle, Dido finds her place in society despite her mixed ethnicity.


 Wednesday, 1:30 pm (October through June)

The lectionary group takes an in-depth look at the upcoming Sunday scriptures, including looking at the history and theology of a given passage. Needless to say, that makes listening to the sermon on Sunday a much more rewarding experience. This class isn’t sequential, so feel free to drop in on any Wednesday.


(Starting Thursday, March 8, 10 am to noon)

Communication today is more challenging it seems than it has been in the past. We all are aware of people who say they are unable to talk across differences, whether of religion or politics or whatever. It seems that our inability to have civil discourse is reaching a crisis point.  

The Rev. Barb Sajna, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, is offering an opportunity to come together to explore how we can talk about challenging subjects that often divide us. The course is a Teaching Company course and is taught by a professor at York University. Each segment consists of a lecture followed by exercises to help listeners “try out” what they’ve just heard. Some of the lectures focus on the layers of communication, how the unconscious and conscious minds function, challenges to effective communication, talking to build relationships and how to handle differences and disagreement.

The class will start, Thursday March 8 from 10a to noon at St. Luke’s, 2336 Canterbury Lane, Sister Bay, 920.854.9600. The first half hour is spent listening to the professor’s presentation. Afterwards there will be time for discussion or an exercise. The course will cover two lectures each week. It will be time well-spent!  

Sajna is well-known for her classes during each Clearings winter sessions which are always popular and well-attended.